General checklists for sea and in harbour

As a Yachtmaster instructor, I always recommend operational checklists to my students. There’s two reasons for this:

  1. Checklists ensure nothing gets missed, even when performing a task you’ve not done for a while or perhaps aren’t confident with.
  2. Checklists act as a great prompt when dealing with an emergency or fatigue, ensuring nothing is forgotten.

It’s a general misconception that you need to memorise everything. This simply isn’t the case, an examiner isn’t going to fail you for being organised. As a general observation from working at several mainstream schools, a Yachtmaster student who uses checklists for day-to-day operations were more likely to pass their Yachtmaster practical exam versus somebody who did not.

So with that in mind, lets take a look at some of the lists. Remember, you can always download and customise these checklists to make them specific to your vessel. They are currently generic, meaning they can be used with any vessel.

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